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Hard Working Denim

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Workers Collection

The Cargo Crew denim Workers Collection is all about delivering authentic design-led styles that are fit for work.

The roots of the collection stem from uniforms worn by yesteryear’s working heroes, a time when sturdy work wear got the job doneThe foundation of our collection is a capsule range built on authentic cuts in honest fabrics that just keep going. To do this, we’ve sourced genuine indigo denim from one of Asia’s leading denim manufacturers, trusted by the world’s benchmark denim labels.

“The Workers Collection introduces a new offering to our wider range, including Aprons and a Vest unlike anything we’ve ever done.” Felicity Rodgers, Creative Director.

Workers Vest

The story starts with our Workers Vest, which takes inspiration from chore vests worn by farmers, craftsmen, and railway workers since the late 1800s.

Durability and practicality was key for hardworking folk, and these are the chief characteristics you’ll find built into our Vest today. To add fortitude to any task, hardwearing denim provides cover from messy tasks while adding warmth in a layered uniform ensemble. With deep pockets a-plenty, our Vest offers room for all the tools of the trade yet it’s not all work and no play, as the use of a classic-cut Workers Vest adds instant street cred to any uniform wardrobe.


Workers Apron

Complementing the hard-working ethos of our Vest are the versatile Workers Aprons in washed Indigo Denim. Available in both Bib and Waist versions, the Workers Aprons are detailed with sturdy statement pockets and finished with genuine rope apron straps. If you want a complete uniform look the Workers Collection also includes a drivers style Workers Hat.

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Workers Denim Apron

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