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The Latest Uniform Trends

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As industry disruptors Cargo Crew aim to be the first in responding to emerging uniform trends. To gain an insight into the thinking behind our current work, take a look at some of the key movements we’ve identified as being relevant to our world.

From the new dress code redefining corporate Australia, to popular fashion classics like Denim that “Dominates” all the trend-setting cafés, not to forget timeless Black & White and the recurring Utilitarian, we’ve collated the latest uniform trends to make finding the right look for you and your business easy.

The New Corporate Dress Code

The days of needing to don a suit nine-to-five have had a thorough shake up, with an HR-approved movement to relax dress codes sweeping corporate Australia.

Whilst the change of pace doesn’t signal free reign to trade trousers for jeans, it does place more choice in the hands of the individual to make dressing choices that best reflect their style and needs. Firm rules or not, modern wardrobe decisions should still be well considered. We see this topic addressed in business publications and professional advice columns daily.

Take Business Insider Australia, who recommend strategic ‘power dressing’ even in 2016; “The way you dress really does make a difference to your career, how much you earn and how people treat you. The science on this proves it”.

Our own response to this development has been the introduction of our casual corporate collection. Filling the gap between suits and jeans are our chino styles. Available in neatly tailored pants and skirts, these signal polished professionalism combined with approachability. Co-ordinated with Cargo Crew’s Smith Oxford Shirts, Gingham Check Shirts and selected pieces in classic black and white, our contribution to the new, unofficial business dress code, is a modern corporate wardrobe at its best.

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Modern Corporate

Denim Dominates

Thank goodness for denim! As far as we’re concerned denim will never go out of style. Denim is our quintessential muse and we love working with and exploring its many different forms. Perhaps it’s denim’s heritage that connects so well with the Cargo Crew design language. With a history heavily steeped in durable hardwearing work wear, denim is the perfect combination of function and style. As denim continues to dominate the runway and be at the forefront of retail, we embrace the appeal of denim with our wide range of original denim aprons and denim shirts. Here are just a few of our denim highlights this season:

  • Double denim is still a thing, and a look we love here at Cargo Crew.
  • Distressed denim has evolved. Hand distressing combined with mastered washing techniques translate to the relaxed yet considered look our crews adore the world over.
  • Authentic indigo denim has made a comeback. We have an exciting new range about to hit the uniform scene, but in the meantime our Barkly Bib Apron in Indigo Denim is always a crowd pleaser.

Back to Black (and White)

Black has been our best friend for so many years and is known as the go-to colour in most work wardrobes. White is known as a harmonious staple that provides an obvious sense of minimalism. Partnered together, black and white are heroes of the “less is more” approach, lending instant, understated style that never dates.

As simple chic dominates the runway, the sleek and sophisticated appeal of black and white stands strong at Cargo Crew with the upcoming release of our new Campbell Shirt collection. Offering an elegant twist on a classic silhouette, the Campbell is detailed with signature pockets, sleeve tabs that combines high-end design with the fit and function we’re known for. The Campbell Shirt will available in November.

Utilitarian Style

Like many fashion enthusiasts we love the polished confidence that comes with modern utilitarian looks. On the catwalk we’ve seen the influence of military style themes reimagined once again into a new, sleeker silhouette, with paired back detailing and deconstructed contours. Whilst utilitarian fashion as a trend is nothing new, its latest incarnation has taken the look in a more sophisticated direction, yet continues to celebrate functionality and utility. Naturally, this ethos fits perfectly into the Cargo Crew approach, as seen in key pieces in our latest collection.

Our new range of Rex Utility Shirts are our Sergeants of style, channeling the best of understated utilitarian chic into a modern uniform classic. We see our stylish utility shirts working seamlessly across multiple industries including hospitality, resort, retail and contemporary corporate.

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Utilitarian

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