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Manoj Dias – Wellness Within

As a co-founder of Australia’s first multi-disciplinary drop-in meditation studio, A-Space in Melbourne, Manoj Dias embodies wellness everyday. Having learned from many of the great spiritual leaders of our time, Manoj hopes his studio and teachings will help others to ‘trade mania for pause’, and work towards wellness within for a more meaningful life. You have an incredible concept with the A-Space offering. Can you tell us how this came about? Like most stories worth telling, mine was unexpected.  Since meeting co-founder Josh Lynch, about a year and a half ago, together we’ve been running meditation and mindfulness workshops and programs, then we decided (with no money) at the end of last year to open up Australia’s first multi-disciplinary meditation studio. There were a variety of driving forces behind opening the studio, but we really wanted to see if we could answer this question: Can you slow down, be calm and stay connected in a fast-paced city like Melbourne? We know personally, anecdotally and through research that meditation and mindfulness, as practices, can help us …