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Childcare Uniforms

Uniforms Perfect for Childcare and Early Learning Centres

Top 5 Essential Childcare Uniform Pieces Working in the childcare industry means no day is the same, being adaptable and on the go throughout the day is part pf the job. This translates to what you wear to work; your uniform garments need to be comfortable, hardwearing, allow for movement and make you feel confident. With this in mind we’ve put together the Top 5 essential childcare uniform pieces that early learning professionals love to wear. These stylish, contemporary uniforms are built to keep your team comfortable, looking presentable & withstand whatever gets thrown at them! 1. The Queen of Comfort & Style Name: Riviera Striped T-Shirts Styles & Colours: T-Shirt, ¾ Top, Available in Royal Blue, Red, Black and Vanilla           What’s to Love about the Riviera T-Shirt: More than just a t-shirt, this on-trend premium top is designed for comfort and for care. Comfort and ease of movement are crucial when working with children, and this stretchy Cotton-Elastane fabric is a dream to wear all day long (and breathable …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Grey Uniforms

Explore the Grey Area

There’s nothing you can’t pair with a good grey, whether you are looking to add a bold colourful punch, or subtle neutral tones – this shade is the perfect base to build your uniform look around. An an elegant and neutral addition to your staff wardrobe, grey can be dressed up for a formal look or assembled casually for a relaxed uniform style. As the transitional tone between black and white, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any colour scheme as its many shades easily coordinate with a variety of colour palettes. Pair with a pop of colour, black & white or with on-trend denim essentials to dress your grey to your style, your branding and personality. With a “no rules” mentality filtering into staff outfitting today, employers can feel confident their uniforms retain a sense of refinement and class with grey as the canvas to style a staff look on. And despite colour, there are no limits to design and our uniforms can be dressed up or down to suit your own taste. Our Rex Utility Shirts feature two chest pockets for casual appeal, whilst our Reece & Dixon stripe shirts …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Parisian Chic Uniforms

Frankie & Henry Parisian Chic

Paris is an undeniably stylish city and this week Frankie & Henry draw inspiration from this fashion metropolis with their Parisian chic uniforms.❤️ Stripes are synonymous with French style – think Breton striped shirts, Marcel Marceau and trendy café dwellers – and this trend has spread to become a global outfit go-to. Melbournians love a striped shirt and our Cargo Crew Riviera tees fit the bill for that classic French look. Pair your Riviera with our black Todd chinos for instant iconic style. Add a scarf and accessorise with hints of red for that final touch. This uniform look is ideal for corporate environments as the outfits can be dressed up with a blazer or suit jacket, heels and dress shoes. The items can just as effectively be incorporated into retail and hospitality uniforms with the addition of a bib or waist apron. Frankie & Henry Wear Frankie wears the women’s Riviera Striped T-Shirt in Black & White with the black Todd Chino Skirt and red lipstick. Henry compliments this outfit with reverse stripes of …

Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry | Polka Dots

Frankie & Henry Polka Dots

Frankie & Henry are mad about polka dots with this week’s fun uniform style that can be incorporated into many working environments. We love accessories at Cargo Crew which can transform an otherwise plain uniform into something that pops, catching the eye. This week’s polka dot theme is a perfect example of how patterned accessories work to change the visual tone of an outfit. Scarves and ties displaying a polka dot pattern adds a fresh and fun point of difference to uniforms. This design introduces some much loved individuality to set your style apart from uniform status quo.👌 Similarly, a polka dot shirt has the same effect by adding that extra touch of personality into a staff uniform kit or individual work outfit. Our Tate Pinspot Shirt is an ideal uniform shirt made from premium 100% cotton. It features a subtle pinspot design for that avant-garde statement. Frankie & Henry Wear Frankie wears the navy Tate Pinspot Shirt with the sulphur Ace Bib Apron. This look is accessorised with our black & white Pin Spot Bow Tie and …

Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry | White on White

Frankie & Henry Winter Wonderland

We don’t get white Christmases in Australia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a little white on white winter wonderland to our uniforms, right?❄️ This week Frankie & Henry dream of a white Christmas and show how this shade can be incorporated into your staff style. White is a classic shade that works with any colour combination, but can just as easily be the dominant colour in your staff outfit. It works particularly well in the hospitality industry for a polished uniform. White is an ideal base to add accentuated touches of colour to suit your theme and brand’s colour palette. Additional coloured or patterned accessories pop, drawing the eye. However, white accessories work just as effectively for a clean and crisp uniform style. You can’t look past the collared white shirt for work wear that is both versatile and sophisticated no matter what industry you hail from. The addition of a white apron is the perfect uniform accompaniment for hospitality and retail. Frankie & Henry Wear Frankie wears the Women’s Campbell 3/4 Sleeve Shirt and Sidney …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Great Outdoors

Frankie & Henry Great Outdoors

Oh hi! Nature is calling us to go outside and Frankie & Henry have answered the call. This week they show us the best uniforms to wear if your industry takes you to the great outdoors.🌿 These uniform pieces are perfect for both nature lovers who work outdoors and for those in the industry who work closely with nature and need a little protection against the elements. They are ideal for florists, gardeners, groundsmen and produce farmers & growers. The utility style of our Rex shirts and practical Henry aprons means you have plenty of pockets to store personal items within reach no matter where you find yourself, whilst the Rex shirts breathable and soft 100% cotton chambray fabric ensures comfort throughout the day. Meanwhile the natural colours of these items blend in seamlessly with natures earthy tones. 😊 Frankie wears the long sleeve Rex Utility Shirt in Olive and Henry Bib Apron in Charcoal with the Todd Chino Skirt. Henry wears the short sleeve Rex Utility Shirt in Charcoal and reengineered Henry Bib Apron …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Preppy Style

Frankie & Henry Preppy Style

This week Frankie and Henry sport the enduring preppy look, because you don’t have to be enrolled in an American Ivy League School to adorn this universal style. Corporate uniforms are often inspired by prep clothing as these pieces (think collared shirts, detailed accessories and premium knits) can be fashioned as modern corporate wear, or just as easily be the uniform style of choice for retail and front of house staff. Frankie wears our Dixon Stripe Shirt in Blue & White accessorised with the Lavalliere Silk Bow Tie and black Todd Chino Skirt. Whilst Henry wears the Smith Oxford Shirt in Sky Blue with our dapper Pin Spot Bow Tie and paired with the Todd Chino Shorts in Camel. Both outfits are styled with our Crew Knit in Navy over the shoulders for that final collegiate touch. Remember, preppy style isn’t just for the Upper East Siders. XOXO Cargo Crew

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Frankie & Henry Hairy & Beauty

Frankie & Henry Hair & Beauty

Get the curlers out! Frankie and Henry are all about the hair and beauty industry this week and demonstrate how to make the most of this fashionable uniform style. Henry wears the Piper Short Sleeve Shirt in White complimented with our Jardan x Cargo Crew Otto Bib Apron in Sulphur with genuine leather neck strap. This is a crisp and lasting uniform look that works seamlessly with any decor and can be easily accessorised with pops of colour to add the finishing touches to your staff outfit. Frankie wears the always-in-fashion black & white stripe Riviera 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt and Boston Distressed Denim Tool Belt. The humble tool belt is a trade stable and our Boston presents a modern twist on this classic industry piece. It’s a practical uniform addition made from hand-distressed denim fabric, featuring three pockets to store your work essentials and a handy D-ring for hanging your keyring. Complete these looks with a pair of black Todd Chino Pants.

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Frankie & Henry Rockabilly

Frankie & Henry Rockabilly

There’s something about the rockabilly style that just oozes individuality and will give any outfit a carefree rascal edge. Today, Frankie & Henry explore their inner rock & roll. Maybe because of the iconic imagery left behind of musicians who have rocked the style throughout history, or perhaps it’s due to the modern interpretation that we see today, tattoos, tight jeans, coiffed hair and all. Either way, the spirit of the rockabilly is hard to match. Red accents scream rockabilly (or perhaps rockabilly screams red accents?) in which case you can’t go passed our red Max Check Neck Scarf. The Max Short Sleeve Shirt, with it’s rolled sleeves and gingham check, implies faultless rockabilly style when paired with a tonal Max Bow Tie. Channel your inner Johnny Cash and tailor the look Your Way with our assortment of button badges, patches and enamel pins. Frankie & Henry Wear Frankie wears the short sleeve Max Check Shirt in Black with Camel coloured Todd Chino Skirt. Henry also wears the Black Max Check Shirt with Todd Chino Pants …

Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry

Frankie & Henry Spring Style

This week spring has sprung at Cargo Crew and we’re getting behind the season’s colours of 2016! “Colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” says Leatrice Wiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Colour Institute™. Green and yellow work perfectly in unison and bring vibrant excitement to any outfit pairing, while the soft colours of baby blue and pale pink transcends cultural and gender norms this season. With it’s 100% easy-care cotton fabric and easily rolled long sleeve, the Frankie Gingham Shirt in Green is our pick for your spring uniform wardrobe. The Frankie is both practical and charming. It can be worn casually in a café environment accenting birch wood and stainless steel decor, or worn with ease at a sophisticated spring wedding. Meanwhile, the Barkly Bib Apron in Indigo Denim offers a reliable base for vibrant pops of colour. Utilise our collection of Mix It Up Straps to bring that extra dose of spring vibrancy to your look. Why not compliment spring brights with the …