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Cargo Crew Blog | Tom Collins Caravan Bar Summer Cocktail

Figsco Cocktail by Tom Collins Caravan Bar

The Figsco Cocktail is Tom Collins Caravan Bar’s summer cocktail choice when asked “What’s Your Pour?”. It’s the perfect fusion of sweet and sour with a Cointreau kick. This little caravan based in Melbourne, Australia was restored to vintage perfection and transformed into a stunning mobile bar. Tom Collins Caravan Bar can be hired for events and includes a curated cocktail menu featuring drinks from the “golden era”. Tom Collins Caravan Bar The Figsco Cocktail as it is a great refreshing drink and we feel Pisco is breaking into the Australian market in a big way at the moment. And besides all that, it looks fantastic in the photos with the Henry Aprons! Figsco Cocktail Pisco – 45ml Cointreau -15ml Grapefruit juice – 30ml Soda Water -100ml Thyme infused sugar Syrup – 15ml Fig Wedges – 2 wedges Thyme Sprigs -1 sprig Add Pisco, Cointreau, grapefruit juice, sugar syrup to glass with fig wedges. Muddle well, add ice & soda and stir. Garnish with thyme sprig.