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Our Favourite Summer Styles

Introduce the feeling of summer to your staff and venue this season with a few of our key seasonal looks. Our summer styles will keep your crew cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Our lightweight aprons and comfortable work tops come in a range of colours and styles to suit your venue and brand so you can create a summer uniform perfect for your venue. Adelaide Our new Adelaide Apron is just the ticket for a summer apron that is both durable and lightweight. Crafted from our Fight the Fade™ fabric, it also resists fading for up to 100 washes. Feel reassured your uniform will look its best after many shifts. Stripes & Denim Stripes and denim have evolved into a contemporary fashion combo that invokes a nautical vibe to your uniform ensemble. The humble stripe is a classic pattern which has become a fashion staple and one adopted by staff for an eye-catching edge. A simple striped t-shirt is an ideal summer uniform top, and one that can be incorporated into venues from retail to …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Summer Uniforms

Celebrate Summer

☀️🍍⛱ It’s that time of year again! Summer has arrived downunder and we couldn’t be happier dreaming of beach trips, fruity cocktails and vacuum-packing the winter clothes. This time of the year calls for a uniform refresh for many industries, so pack away those heavy cold weather uniforms and kit your crew out in light fabrics and summery colours of short sleeve tops, shorts & skirts. Lightweight Fabrics Its all about breathability & movement in your clothes when it comes to surviving the warm weather at work. Choosing lightweight fabrics means you won’t be weighed down and your uniform can move around you. Our range of Henry aprons are light and fresh, both in feel and appearance, perfect for summer days. Seen here is our Henry in Bondi Blue, and to add an extra pop of summer we have switched out the straps for our ‘Mix It Up’ Cream Herringbone straps. For a similar look in a shorter apron, look no further than our Ace Bib Apron in Swedish Blue, available in early December. Summery Colours We’ve …