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Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry | Cross Back Apron Straps

Frankie & Henry Cross Back Aprons

This week Frankie & Henry reveal 3 creative ways to tie your cross back apron straps to easily achieve a subtle but new uniform look. Look 1 The traditional cross back way! Simply cross your straps at the back and feed them through the waist loops, then tie the straps at the back. Look 2 Tie your straps at the front for casual-cool apron style. Simply cross your aprons straps at the back and feed them through the waist loops. Instead of tying your straps at the front, if you have enough strap length, pull them to your front to tie. Look 3 Something a little different. Frankie & Henry got creative with their cross back straps here! Instead of crossing them at the back, twist the two straps together to create a single strap. Feed them through the waist loops and tie them at the back. Hot Tip “One of the best knots to secure your apron straps is the slip knot which looks neat and is super easy to untie.” Follow the step below to tie a …

Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry | Alpine Ski Resort Uniform

Frankie & Henry Do Alpine Ski Resort Style

It’s nearly snow season in Australia and Frankie & Henry are gearing up in preparation to hit the slopes and ski villages. Australian ski fields are as seasonal as they come with snow cover on our resort peaks for approximately two months of the year. This means a hectic season of snow bunnies and hospitality crews ascending the mountains during this time. For those who work at the resorts, this also means packing a considered winter wardrobe. If you’re a keen skier or snowboarder, a switch from uniforms to snow gear will need to be a speedy affair to get you on the slopes faster. Our 100% cotton shirts like those in our Frankie check range will keep resort crew looking good and feeling comfortable. Pair these gingham check shirts with a cosy knit to align your uniform to Alpine style whilst keeping you warm. Our women’s cotton Riviera 3/4 sleeve shirt is crafted with a 5% elastic blend for ease of movement, so this shirt can double as a uniform top and be kept on for …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Tattoo Artist Uniform

Frankie & Henry Tattoo Artist Edge

This week Frankie & Henry enter the tattoo parlour to showcase an edgy and fashionable uniform style suited to these creative work spaces. There’s no denying that industries have specific and often recognisable styles. This certainly applies to tattoo artists whose style is as distinct as their work. Think “refined executive” for corporate wear or “street style chic” for inner-city cafes. These stereotypes are by no means negative to industry identity – they simply reiterate how uniforms compliment a work places visual story and, to a degree, the personality of employees. Despite the stigma often attributed to work attire, uniforms don’t need to mean uniformity or gentrified identity. For example tattoo artists often express a signature rock look with dark tones and grungy details in printed tees, black clothes and denim. Despite the similar “look” there are endless ways to add personal touches through individual taste and accessories. Aprons are both an on-trend and functional addition to a tattoo artist’s uniform. Both our Harvest and Scout denim aprons feature pockets for storing work essentials whilst protecting the …