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Meet Our Boston Crew

Our Boston Denim Apron has developed a fan base across the word for its effortless style & quality finish. From hair stylists to florists, bartenders to childcare workers, the Boston is loved by all as a fashion favourite that works as hard as its wearer, and as a good apron should – embraces the mess! We’ve spoken to some of the Boston’s biggest fans to find out what it is they love most about the go-to work wear for their businesses! KAITLYN FEDORKO – STYLE ALCHEMY STUDIO, TEXAS, USA Tell us about you and your business! I am Kaitlyn Fedorko, a hair stylist & business owner based in Dallas Texas. I started my business Style Alchemy Studio in 2016, which was when I found Cargo Crew & bought my Boston Apron and started covering it in hair colour. I specialise in hair colour and especially love creating vivid colour styles (space mermaid hair). I’m a total hair nerd with a background in chemistry, so I love educating my clients about the chemistry behind colour – …

Cargo Crew Bog | Poolside Cafe Coco Loco Cocktail

Loco Coco Cocktail by Poolside Café

Nothing says summer like fresh coconuts and we think our crew Poolside Café might agree. We asked them “What’s Your Pour?” and they gave us a recipe for their tropical Loco Coco cocktail.🍹 Poolside Cafe We love Malibu coconut rum for a real summer flavour but it is great with golden or dark rums. Try Flor de Cana Gold 4 year old or Goslings Black Seal. Loco Coco Cocktail Young Coconut – chilled ice cold 30ml – 60ml of your favourite rum Fresh Pineapple to garnish Crack open an ice cold young coconut and add in 1-2 shots of your favourite rum. For extra flair top with a fresh pineapple or watermelon garnish to garnish.

Cargo Crew Blog | Gathering Event Cocktail

Grapefruit Whisky Smash by Gathering Events

Whiskey isn’t just a winter drink, as our crew Gathering Events revealed with their whiskey and grapefruit infused summer cocktail when we asked them “What’s Your Pour?”🍸🍋 Gathering Events are a boutique bar service based in southern QLD, offering their personally renovated caravan bar and a range of pop up bars. They have always believed in the magic of events, and love working on a variety of special occasions such as weddings, corporate events and private celebrations. Their priority is creating old fashioned good-times, with a fun and fresh twist! To learn more about Jen & Adam & what Gathering Events do, visit Gathering Events. Gathering Events “Below is one of our fav summer creations, Grapefruit Whisky Smash.” Grapefruit Whisky Smash 60ml Blanton’s Original Private Reserve – Single Barrel Bourbon 30ml grapefruit juice Dash ‘real’ maple syrup Half lemon Hand full mint leaves In a shaker, muddle cut lemon, maple syrup, and mint. Add ice, grapefruit juice, and Bourbon, and shake for 10 seconds. Strain into a rock glass over ice. Be sure to garnish with a cut grapefruit wedge and a mint sprig.

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | The Craft Brewers

Our Crew: The Craft Brewers

Bridge Road Brewers don’t feature Ned Kelly in their logo for nothing! Cargo Crew loves craft beer and these Victorian craft brewers are authentic as, preferring to create their beer from scratch. They use their own production equipment on site in their home town of Beechworth – the heart of Ned Kelly land. Small batch, hands on brewing means that each bottle of Bridge Road gets the attention it deserves – a point #OurCrew go to great lengths to land. “Others go to great lengths to put up a facade of a small hands on facility, when in reality their beer is being produced by a central brewery, who is responsible for many ‘brewery’ brands. Be sure to find out who is making the beer you purchase.” See, authentic as. Bridge Road Brewers is located on Ford St, Beechworth, Australia. Header image by Gears and Beers.