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Cargo Crew Blog | Claus Meyer Recipe Tarlets

Tartlets with Summer Vegetables in Béchamel Sauce

From Claus Meyer’s kitchen to yours; these tartlets are the perfect party dish. “Pies or small cups of pastry served with stews or sweet fillings have been popular for centuries in Europe. With the birth of classic French cuisine in the 18th century, these dishes were refined with the use of puff pastry or shortcrust pastry. In the 1700s, the term “tartlets” referred only to sweet dishes, and it was not until the subsequent century that savoury recipes were introduced. Tartlets had their heyday in the 20th century, when they were served between the appetiser and main course at the great dinners of the bourgeoisie, but soon they became a beloved part of menus at festive occasions at all levels of society. As a child, I had enough margarine-based industrial tartlets to last a lifetime, so if you don’t have the opportunity to make croustades or tartlet shells using proper butter-based pastry, I would recommend toasted bread instead.” Claus Meyer. Ingredients Tartlet Shells 2 to 3 tablespoons standard canola oil 10½ oz puff pastry (defrosted if …

Cargo Crew Blog | Claus Meyer Recipe | Spinach Tart

Spinach Tart with Cottage Cheese

From Claus Meyer’s kitchen to yours; this Spinach Tart with Cottage Cheese will satisfy your comfort food craving. If you want more greenery with your tarts, serve with a small salad on the side. You can also choose to make the tart a day ahead and serve it cold for lunch or as an accompaniment to a main course. Ingredients Pastry ¾ cup Öland or organic wholegrain wheat flour, plus extra for dusting ½ cup oat flour ½ cup rye flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1⁄3 cup standard canola oil, plus extra for greasing 2 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup low fat plain yogurt Filling 1½ cups cottage cheese 1 cup low fat milk 3 organic eggs 3 gratings of nutmeg sea salt flakes and freshly ground pepper 2 teaspoons butter 1 lb 2 oz fresh spinach leaves, washed and drained 1 shallot 1⁄3 cup grated hard cheese To finish 1 shallot 1 handful of fresh herbs (Claus Meyer recommends sweet woodruff, chervil, & sweet cicely) a few drops of apple cider vinegar a …