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Cooking with Kids

Affordable entertainment these school holidays. School holiday activities seem to get bigger and more expensive every year. Involving kids in the kitchen can be a great bonding experience, with minimal spend so we’ve outlined the benefits and some tips to ensure you’re not stuck cleaning all the dishes! Curiosity in the kitchen Making the kitchen an exciting and experimental place for kids, can tap into their curiosity of how things are made. Our digital, automated lifestyle can separate kids from reality and sometimes we need to highlight that food doesn’t magically appear in the fridge. Key life skills Learning how to read a recipe, follow instructions and measure out ingredients are key life skills. (By measuring chocolate, they won’t even know they’re learning). For younger kids, learning to pour, mix and lick the bowl are all great manual dexterity builders. Make the kitchen a special place By involving kids in the kitchen and making the space feel special, it develops future respect for cooking. Kids aprons are a great way to get them excited about time …