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Frankie & Henry | The Modern Uniform | High Tea

Frankie & Henry High Tea Time

Who’s ready for High Tea? Frankie & Henry are prepped for serving delicious afternoon treats in catering uniforms suitable for this twee tradition. Considered a high-brow affair high tea originated in England as a working class meal. This soon evolved into an upper class leisure activity. That long wait between lunch and supper needed to be filled and what better way to fill the time than with food and good conversation! Afternoon tea is a simple at-home meal but nowadays high tea is something to book ahead of¬†time. With any good venue a good uniform is key to curating the perfect experience for patrons. Marie Antoinette would approve of this week’s uniform style with a nod to neutral tones and blushed pink details that achieve a genteel and approachable look. Not to dismiss the divine cake! (A high tea wouldn’t be the same without a well present sponge cake.)¬†Aprons in Mocha and Pebble grey are the colours of choice creating a warm atmosphere. Meanwhile, a white collared shirt is a must for a refined and …