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JARDAN X Cargo Crew Up-Cycle For Apron Perfection

Exclusive design to Jardan + Cargo Crew A passion for original Australian design is at the heart and soul of the latest apron collaboration between Jardan and Cargo Crew. Needing no introduction to any style hunter, Jardan knows how to deliver an exceptional design aesthetic across all of their product categories, whilst Cargo Crew leads the contemporary workwear industry bringing quality, craftsmanship & design to over 12,000 workplaces, globally. The second powerhouse collaboration with Jardan sees Cargo Crew introducing the Ollie Apron which has come to life through like-minded design experimentation, delivering something truly bespoke. The leather detail on the apron straps are crafted from Jardan leather furniture off-cuts which supports both businesses considered approach to product creation and sustainability. “We love the idea of up-cycling tangible elements from other product lines and giving them a fresh life in another form.” said Felicity Rodgers, Founder & Creative Director of Cargo Crew. The sustainability focus of the collaboration also crosses over into the packaging design. Made from recycled paper and sewn locally to create a beautiful …

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Denim – A Brief History

Denim remains an industry favourite for stylish and durable workwear, but it wasn’t always the fashion statement it is today. This fabric was created to withstand strenuous working environments and over the years it evolved from functional workwear to fashionable statement wear. Our denim aprons, like our RE-STYLED original Harvest Apron, are crafted from premium cotton to ensure your working garment is as fashionable as it is practical. Read our brief history of denim below to find out more about this iconic fabric. History Of Denim Denim was historically created for workers like tradespeople or miners who needed durable, long lasting fabric for their day to day tasks. Rivets and hardware detailing was used to reinforce seams and add strength to the pants for functional purposes. American tailor Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss crafted the Blue Jean in the 1870’s. They were employed to make a work pant with rivets that helped reinforce the fabric. These details made the fabric stronger for workers who were tough on their clothing. Levi Strauss supplied the fabric used and …

Cargo Crew Blog | New Henry Bluegrain Apron

NEW! Henry Bluegrain – Style Meets Functionality

Introducing Henry Bluegrain! 💙 Your staff won’t feel the blues in this premium apron that combines style and functionality with our hard-wearing re-engineered fabric. As an added bonus, this Henry is being released in a choice of six strap colours! Bluegrain Appeal Henry Bluegrain is the newest addition to the Henry apron family. Henry Bluegrain captures a linen-look with its grey-blue tone and grainy slub effect creating a soft and textured surface. But unlike linen, this apron is made from our newly re-engineered polyester/cotton fabric that offers durability and superior colour fastness. So, just like the Mocha, Charcoal and Pebble colour-ways, Henry Bluegrain has been designed to work just as hard as your environment demands. Henry is our lightest apron weighing 220gsm! However, it is also one of our most durable aprons with extremely high results against abrasion. This makes it a perfect uniform addition for fast paced retail or hospitality venues, whilst the textured look will suit cafes looking for effortless street style appeal. Henry Bluegrain is available in six different apron strap colours that are interchangeable with our …

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Double, Triple, (Quadruple!) Denim

Frankie and Henry invoke Justin Trudeau’s Canadian Tuxedo in this week’s double, triple, (quadruple!) denim uniform style. When a uniform looks this good, why not. In today’s “anything goes” fashion landscape denim is the go-to choice for anyone having a wardrobe crisis. It’s rare to get this iconic style wrong, even when top & tailing and layering your denim pieces! Denim is the ideal fabric for a number of industry uniforms due to its durable resistance to wear and tear, and the fabric’s penchant to look better with age. Think trade aprons from butchers to bespoke craft makers and stand-out café and retail uniforms. Denim is as versatile as it is fashionable, just ask the Canadian PM.😉🇨🇦 Frankie wears a Bailey Short Sleeve Denim Shirt with the Workers Bib Apron in Indigo Denim and accessorised with the Harvest Tote Bag. Henry wears a Smith Oxford Shirt in Navy with the Workers Vest in Indigo Denim, Scout Waist Apron and accessorised with the Bailey Denim Bow Tie.

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Hard Working Denim

The Cargo Crew denim Workers Collection is all about delivering authentic design-led styles that are fit for work. The roots of the collection stem from uniforms worn by yesteryear’s working heroes, a time when sturdy work wear got the job done. The foundation of our collection is a capsule range built on authentic cuts in honest fabrics that just keep going. To do this, we’ve sourced genuine indigo denim from one of Asia’s leading denim manufacturers, trusted by the world’s benchmark denim labels. “The Workers Collection introduces a new offering to our wider range, including Aprons and a Vest unlike anything we’ve ever done.” Felicity Rodgers, Creative Director. Workers Vest The story starts with our Workers Vest, which takes inspiration from chore vests worn by farmers, craftsmen, and railway workers since the late 1800s. Durability and practicality was key for hardworking folk, and these are the chief characteristics you’ll find built into our Vest today. To add fortitude to any task, hardwearing denim provides cover from messy tasks while adding warmth in a layered uniform ensemble. …