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Alejandro Saravia – Man Made

Alejandro Saravia, Chef of CHE & Pastuso, is our Man Made ambassador. Known for introducing Peruvian’s bold and flavoursome cuisine to Australia and sharing his passion for Latin American cuisine, we interviewed Alejandro to discover his trade secrets in perfecting perfect Peruvian dish. Tell us how you started your career as a chef? I have been exposed to good food from a very early age being the oldest grand child, helping my grandmother in the kitchen peeling broad beans or peas and then cooking with her. Being in her kitchen was always like an adventure, starting early in the morning with a trip to the local market to buy fresh ingredients. My grandmother has managed to establish a great relationship with most of the market vendors so it was an amazing place to learn how to choose your ingredients and when was the best time to source them. Following my grandmother’s passion for good food and hospitality I decided to study to be a chef at Le cordon Bleu in Lima which, at that time, was …