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Premium Apron Style

Our Harlo Bib Apron delivers a premium and professional apron to the Cargo Crew range. Providing versatility for many restaurants & event venues, right through to wine bars and vineyards. Crafted from our exclusive Herringbone weave fabric, the finish creates a subtle stripe & texture, while surpassing our ultra-durable standards.

Harlo works wonders for a fine dining setting, sommelier, 5 star hotels, boutique resorts and cellar doors. The subtle stripe in the apron gives a premium look, teamed with our Chocolate Leather-Look Straps and Smith Oxford Shirt in White.

Cross Back Apron Benefits

Our Harlo Bib Apron is a cross back style apron, designed to be lightweight and distribute any front-pocket weight, for example an iPad, evenly across the shoulders & back. Ideal for relieving any strain on the neck. A Cross Back Apron can be worn by staff comfortably for long periods of time.

New Khaki Apron Straps

Co-ordinated with our new Khaki Herringbone Straps, Harlo delivers a premium and contemporary vibe and brings out the subtle khaki stripe colour in the Herringbone weave fabric.

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Exclusive Cargo Crew Fabrics

Crafted from our Fight The Fade™ fabric, Harlo is extremely durable with testing on 100+ washes without fading. You can be confident it will stand-up along side your hard-working crew. The subtle stripe effect reflects traditional English weaves, delivering a textural fabric that compliments a polished uniform look. The lightweight fabric is also hard-working, so your crew can be comfortable & cool in high-pressure, hot work situations.




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