The Perfect Match

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Neutral

Achieving a specific colour scheme for your work space doesn’t have to mean picking one colour and sticking to it. Selecting pieces in a range of tones and complimentary colours helps to make your scheme appear thought-out and well rounded.

Moody Blues

A colour that is classic & refined, Navy will forever remain in fashion. It evokes a feeling of loyalty & trust, and provides your wardrobe a colour accent without appearing loud or overpowering. Our Navy uniform range offers a selection of tonal pieces to build your look.

Darker shades of blue create a sense of intimacy and old-world charm – ideal for that quiet tête-à-tête. This colour palette is perfect for wine bars or cafés aiming for refined and elegant atmosphere.

Neutral Territory

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Neutral

A neutral colour palette evokes clean, Scandinavian inspired design. Accents of beige and gold help to create a warm colour palette, and will peacefully brighten your work environment. Our White and Scandinavian Chic uniform collections are perfect to start your neutral colour scheme.

Ever popular in twenty-first century design, neutral tones will lift the atmosphere of any space to ethereal heights. Employing natural fittings and base layers to room design, enhances the addition of colourful décor and feature pieces.

Grey Area

Covering all the shades of transition between black and white, grey is the perfect addition to any colour scheme. It provides an elegant, neutral and formal addition to your staff wardrobe. Visit our Grey uniform collection to begin designing this look. 

Grey is the go-to shade for classic outfitting and is just as safe and effective in a work space. Grey can either add warmth or crispness with tonal shades from mushroom to slate that provide an ideal canvas to build your colour scheme around.

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