Our Crew: The Baristas

When a microroaster reckons that drinking their #coffee might give you super powers, one has to stand up and listen, right? Especially, in our case, when their super coffees are brewed up in Cargo Crew Henry Aprons!


As with many of #OurCrews from afar, deMelloPalheta are a passionate mob who simply do things differently.

Named after the 17th Century Portuguese explorer Francisco de Mello Palheta, who essentially got the coffee trade started in Brazil, Kenya and Tanzania, the de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters proudly continue Francisco’s journey from their home base of Toronto.

Servicing the local community from their café, and coffee lovers further afield through their online store and wholesale stream, de Mello Palheta’s super coffees rack up impressive travel miles.

Apart from spreading their coffee goodness to the world, we love that their main goal is to build relationships with coffee farmers in order to work together to produce the best brews, as well as to improve the quality of life for all along the coffee chain – from seed to cup.

de Mello Palheta is located on Yonge St, Torono, Canada.

Blackwood Pantry

Surf one of the most impressive foodie feeds on Instagram, Blackwood Pantry’s food photography is on point showcasing their incredible food and coffee menu, including artisan meals and specialty coffee brews served in Henry Bib Aprons! ☕ Blackwood Pantry is relatively new to the café scene but their Australian/European fusion menu has already garnered attention as one of Sydney surf coast’s most popular food-stops.

Warning: the staff dish out a huge portion of feel-good vibes with their meals so be prepared to fill up on both the incredible food and fun & friendly atmosphere.

Blackwood Panty is located on Surf Street, Cronulla, Australia.

Bluestone Lane

Inspired by the café culture of Melbourne, Australia (proud!), this charming collections of coffee shops and cafés located in New York and Philadelphia, offers patrons high quality coffee and brunches, plus locations that make you feel right at home.

With their focus on quality, Bluestone Lane sources premium organic fair trade beans. They invite visitors to become coffee connoisseurs and fabulous foodies, encouraging a holistic and immersive approach to the coffee culture experience. They even offer catering and a coffee trike. Correct – a trike that delivers coffee! We’re pretty stoked to see our Barkly Bib Aprons doing the rounds in the Big Apple.

Bluestone Lane has various locations in New York and Philadelphia, USA.

Grinders Coffee

Established in 1962 on Lygon Street by founders Giancarlo Giusti and Rino Benassi, Grinders Coffee has an impressive knowledge bank of traditional coffee roasting that propels their blends to the echelons of Melbourne’s finest.

Grinders boasts a reputation as the largest roaster of FairTrade coffee in Australia! Their premium origin blends are sourced from such reputable coffee bean locales as Brazil and West Africa, and have the added value of being ethically sourced. All of their blends are served in their historic (ok, historic for Australian standards) café where you can also choose to make up your own unique blend. The Grinder’s crew look super sharp in a range of Cargo Crew aprons.

Grinders in located in Lygon Street, Melbourne Australia.

Thursdvys Coffee House

Thursdvys is starting to garner quite the reputation as Kuala Lumpur’s cool coffee spot. The space presents moody slate-look walls, raw wood and geometric décor – the perfect atmosphere to escape the tropical heat.

For a visual treat, feast your eyes on their Instagram feed! This cafés food offering is worth checking your passport is valid. Anyone for a trip to tropical Southeast Asia? Thursdvys are keepin’ it real and looking thoroughly cool in our Deluxe Canvas Bib Apron in Navy.

Thursdvys is located in Lorong Datuk Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Carlton has gained a strong position as an area for premium quality cafés in Melbourne (though we think all of Melbourne is prime coffee real estate), and Assembly is no exception. This café and store is all soft tones and chic minimalism with a distinct Melbourne vibe, and offers curated coffee and tea.

You can not only drop in for a spot of tea or coffee, but can also shop a range of related wares! Assembly has scoured Australia and the world for the best coffee and tea so they can offer it to their visitors, and love it when peeps try their favourites. The Assembly crew serve up their brews and beautiful bric-a-brac in Henry Aprons.

Assembly is located in Pelham St, Carlton, Australia.