Frankie & Henry

Frankie & Henry Mix it Up with Apron Straps

Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry | Apron Straps

This week Frankie & Henry mix it up with our range of colourful apron straps to show how quickly and easily you can update your uniform look. ✨🌈😉

We’ve said it before; uniforms should not only reflect your business but also your personal style for a holistic and personable approach to workplace branding. This is where Cargo Crew ‘Mix It Up’ apron straps come to the fore. These apron straps show how easy it is to add that personal touch to your work style.

Our straps have been designed for our Henry, Barkly and Ace aprons. They are an easy way to revamp your uniform or add a touch of individual style. What’s your favourite colour? We also have three new colours to choose from in Tomato Red, Soft Pink and Navy in soft Herringbone fabric. These colours are suitable for the bib aprons in selected styles. These colourful apron straps offer even more options and personalised looks so matching your uniform to your unique branding is even easier!

Frankie & Henry Wear

Frankie wears the Pebble coloured Henry Bib Apron with our new Soft Pink straps over the Riviera tee in Vanilla & Black and Todd Chino Pants in Camel. Henry mirrors this look with the Bondi Blue coloured Henry Bib Apron with the Riviera Tee and chinos. Both sport Vans sneakers for super comfortable footwear.

‘Mix it Up’ with our vibrant apron straps!

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