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Cargo Crew Blog | Frankie & Henry Boston Aprons

Denim aprons forever! Frankie & Henry embrace the much loved Boston aprons in this week’s curated uniform look.

Denim is undoubtedly a fashion favourite and is fast becoming a uniform staple for many businesses. Cafés and beauty industry staff have embraced the Boston Distressed Denim Apron which fits seamlessly into many interior styles and decor tastes. This apron is now also available in a darker Mid Blue for even more uniform styling options! View Mid Blue here.

The Boston is perfect for a casual “street style” uniform look for businesses after a relaxed appearance. Wear with a striped tee and chino pants for an effortlessly cool presentation that can easily be worn after work for everyday wear. Worn with a plain white shirt or t-shirt, this versatile apron presents a crisp visual statement perfect for hairdressers and beauty salon staff. Add some retro badges or embroidered patches to your apron for a fun touch to your uniform.

Frankie & Henry Wear

Frankie wears the Smith Oxford Shirt in Navy with the contrasting Light Blue Boston Distressed Denim Bib Apron and paired with the Todd Chino Pants in Camel. Henry compliments this look by wearing reverse colours in the Sky Blue Smith Oxford Shirt and Mid Blue Boston apron, with the Todd chinos. These uniforms are accompanied by Vans sneakers for the ultimate cool uniform look.

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