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Frankie & Henry Florist Uniforms

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This week Frankie and Henry channel their inner flower child to present staff uniforms perfect for florists.

Flowers are the stars of a florist’s showroom and shouldn’t be outshone by bright clothing. With this in mind, paired back uniforms are ideal for ensuring your blooms remain the stars of the show, and our curated selection of tops, chinos and work aprons offer the ideal clothing options for florist uniforms.

Aprons are an essential item for florist uniforms, providing protection to daywear when the job gets messy. Cargo Crew aprons also offer additional over-sized pockets to store your workday essentials. The vibrant blooms contrast against our hardwearing Workers Bib Apron, whilst the dark Indigo Denim fabric brings out the flowers naturally bright colours. If a full bib apron isn’t required our Henry Waist Apron in Bondi Blue is a handy uniform addition that still provides protection and easy to reach pockets.

A monochrome pinstripe shirt works well in this setting. Our striped Dixon shirt doesn’t draw attention but still provides a point of difference to plain items. Stripes also contrast beautifully against pretty petals as a contradictory yet complimentary pattern against floral. A plain t-shirt is also a safe choice and lets your flowers take centre stage. Chinos are the ideal pants for the job as they provide both style and comfort for the modern day floral stylist.

Frankie & Henry Wear

Frankie wears the Women’s T-Shirt in White and Women’s Todd Chino Pants in Camel, with the Workers Bib Apron in Indigo Denim. Henry wears the Men’s Dixon Stripe Shirt in Black & White with black Men’s Todd Chino Pants and the Henry Waist Apron in Bondi Blue.

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