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Frankie & Henry Easter Chocolatier

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Frankie and Henry are rounding up the baby chicks and chocolate eggs in this week’s chocolatier uniforms inspired for Easter!

Chocolate evokes cheerful thoughts of comfort food, mugs of hot chocolate and perhaps Johnny Depp in the movie Chocolat… A chocolatiers uniform should evoke similar feelings of warmth and comfort (minus Johnny Depp?) as a visual representation of a business and its story. Mocha and chocolate brown are the hues of choice for a chocolate maker’s uniform expressing the colours of the delicious craft. Meanwhile, adding a pop of colour is the ideal way to tie in any branding colour theme.

Red is a compelling colour for chocolatiers, invoking cinnamon and chilli undertones – popular spices used for artisan chocolate flavours. Our red apron straps are great additions to add to the Mocha coloured Henry aprons for that personalised touch. For the most effective look, a top should be either a subtle monochrome or in line with the business colour scheme. The caramel hues of our Todd chino pants in Camel complete the colour theme for our chocolatiers uniform.

Frankie & Henry Wear

Frankie and Henry both wear the Henry Bib Apron in Mocha. Frankie accessorises her apron with the Tomato Red ‘Mix It Up’ Apron Straps for a pop of bright colour, and wears the Vanilla & Black Riviera Striped T-Shirt. Henry wears the Max Long Sleeve Check Shirt in Red that compliments Frankie’s red straps. Both wear the Todd chino pants in Camel with Vans sneakers.

Happy Easter!!!

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