Frankie & Henry

Frankie & Henry Bike Mechanic Uniforms

To commemorate tomorrow’s Tour de France, this week Frankie and Henry roll out their bicycles and showcase how to pull off practical bike mechanic uniforms.

Despite popular belief, bike mechanic’s don’t wear their spandex on the job (all the time)… ūüėČ However, wearing functional uniform items is good practice for this vocation. Handling oily gears and used tires can get messy so there’s no avoiding the fall out from this job, surgical gloves or not. A bike mechanic requires ease of movement and protection from chain grease and workwear that accommodates the daily tasks is ideal. As a microcosm of the world of grease monkeys (grease Tarsiers?), tools of the trade are best kept close at hand. This is where an apron takes centre stage demonstrating its utilitarian use for this work space.

Our Deluxe Canvas Bib Aprons¬†are crafted from hard-wearing poly/cotton fabric and features a large front pocket with two compartments handy for storing tools. Similarly, the Tokyo Bib Apron, made from premium 100% cotton, offers three storage pockets at the front of the apron ‚Äď useful for compartmentalising belongings.

Frankie & Henry Wear

Frankie wears the Deluxe Canvas Bib Apron in Navy with Todd Chino Pants in Black. Henry wears the Tokyo Bib Apron in Khaki, also with Todd Chino Pants in Black.

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