Frankie & Henry

Frankie & Henry Food Truck

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Frankie and Henry are manning the food truck in their festive mobile catering uniforms this week.🌮🚚

Keep cool when the food truck fryers heat up with our range of skirts, shorts, tees & short sleeve shirts. Choose charcoal and denim tones for the ideal uniform canvas and add colour with the addition of bright accessories. Our charcoal 100% cotton Rex shirt is the perfect work top to keep you comfortable and looking well-groomed throughout a hectic shift. Pair this with our sturdy Scout waist or bib apron to ensure your base layers stay spic and span and protected from any rouge grease spots.

Add those festive touches to your uniform look with pops of colour via fun accessories (and a piñata 😜). Invoke a bit of bustling street festival food-truck vibe with a rainbow🌈 of retro patches and vibrant button badges.

Frankie & Henry Wear

Frankie wears the Women’s Tee in White with Todd Chino Skirt in Camel (not visible). The uniform is protected with the Scout Bib Apron in Black Denim. Meanwhile Henry wears the short sleeve Rex Utility Shirt in Charcoal with the Todd Chino Shorts and Scout Waist Apron in Black Denim. Both outfits are accessorised with a selection of embroidered patches and button badges.

Join the fiesta with our food truck inspired uniforms!

Shop the Cargo Crew range online today, or to see our beautiful collection of designer uniforms up close visit our showroom! Speak with our friendly client care team for more information: +61 3 9411 9850,