Our Fight Against Fading Aprons Has Begun!

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We have launched an attack on the fading apron!

At Cargo Crew we know you look to us for super durable aprons that will work with you, put up with the day to day tasks and look smart and stylish at the end of each day to represent your business.

To support this, we have applied innovative technology to develop our exclusive Fight the Fade™ fabric that is lightweight but durable and resists fading for over 100 washes, giving you another reason to choose Cargo Crew.

As part of the quality assurance, we wash-tested our re-engineered Henry apron…

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Henry Fight the Fade

And it still looks NEW!

Aprons are a protective garment that undergo a lot of wear and tear throughout a working day, particularly in the hospitality industry. However, regardless of the expectations that aprons may not look their best at the end of a busy day, we wanted to offer a range of aprons that combated these daily stresses! Our Fight the Fade™ aprons include our popular and versatile Henry Pebble, Mocha and Charcoal colours, so you can easily style these aprons with your businesses existing branding.

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