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Elise Bucholtz is the epitome of our Modern Foodie. As the Client Service Director for Time Out Australia, Elise rubs elbows with the who’s-who of the Australian Hospitality scene on a weekly basis. Planning and attending fabulous events and eating out at the latest on-trend venues is her life. We interviewed Elise to gain insight into her life as a modern foodie.

Tell us about your position at Time Out Australia.

As the Client Service Director I am responsible for managing our national partnerships, marketing activity and events. Anything that involves a fun physical experience, comes through my team which includes anything from our annual Food and Bar Awards, right through to the Sneak Peeks, Film previews, our Battle of the Busker or Burger competition series. We also produce a bunch of custom events for our clients. We predominately work across the Hospitality and Arts & Culture space, so an average day means everything from working across a new festival through to assisting with the promotion of a new venue or dining concept. I am also responsible for driving the Victorian sales function which includes business development, campaign management and mentoring our on-the-ground team to help inspire Melbournians to get out there and have more fun.

What do you love most about the Australian Hospitality and Food scene? What makes you excited about trying a new hotspot?

I love our country’s diversity, ability to push boundaries, and excellence when it comes to service.  We are so blessed to have variety from the casual to fine dining set and eating out in Australia is not just about the food, it is about the whole experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to dine in some pretty special places around the world and I honestly think what we do locally is something to be proud of. I absolutely love supporting new local offerings especially when I see sustainable, Australian suppliers are in the mix. My favourite pastime is to try new places and I do this to see everything from the food to the decor, staff and the menu. I am most excited by grazing and wine, so if you look like you have an amazing menu I can sit back all night, pick, share and drink then I am in. I am a fan of seafood and lots of colour on my plate and love dining in new places that are less about a single meal, but meals to share because that way you get to try more!

Are there any exciting trends or concepts you see emerging in the local hospitality market?

I am loving the community one-stop-shop offering opening up that the moment. One just opened across the road from my house in Carlton and I can now literally have organic produce, quick pre-prepared meal options, wine, my flower purchases and a coffee date all in the one spot. I am also a big believer in gut health and love that the awareness in this space is growing and the availability of broths in all flavours. The increase in wine bars is great and also ceviches are my favourite thing to eat so it’s great to see this type of cooking on more menus.

What do you think it is to be a ‘Modern Foodie’ in Australia in 2017?

A modern foodie is someone who is open to trying new things, knows what they like, but also someone who appreciates variety, is excited by food and also has a balanced diet. A modern foodie uses food as another form of entertainment and not afraid to spend on a memorable experience. They are mindful of what they eat and if they can’t cook (like me) asks lots of questions in the hope one day they might have a clue. 😉

You have shared with us one of your favourite dishes from South of Johnson in Collingwood, what do you love most about the dish?

I love this dish because it is so simple, fresh and full of flavours. I am the first to admit I am an eat on the run kind of gal at home and salads are my go to. This salad is healthy, quick and easy and can be eaten on its own or to compliment another dish.

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