Frankie & Henry

Double, Triple, (Quadruple!) Denim

The Modern Uniform | Double Denim Uniforms

Frankie and Henry invoke Justin Trudeau’s Canadian Tuxedo in this week’s double, triple, (quadruple!) denim uniform style. When a uniform looks this good, why not.

In today’s “anything goes” fashion landscape denim is the go-to choice for anyone having a wardrobe crisis. It’s rare to get this iconic style wrong, even when top & tailing and layering your denim pieces! Denim is the ideal fabric for a number of industry uniforms due to its durable resistance to wear and tear, and the fabric’s penchant to look better with age. Think trade aprons from butchers to bespoke craft makers and stand-out café and retail uniforms. Denim is as versatile as it is fashionable, just ask the Canadian PM.😉🇨🇦

Frankie wears a Bailey Short Sleeve Denim Shirt with the Workers Bib Apron in Indigo Denim and accessorised with the Harvest Tote Bag. Henry wears a Smith Oxford Shirt in Navy with the Workers Vest in Indigo Denim, Scout Waist Apron and accessorised with the Bailey Denim Bow Tie.

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