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Bridge Road Brewers don’t feature Ned Kelly in their logo for nothing!

Cargo Crew loves craft beer and these Victorian craft brewers are authentic as, preferring to create their beer from scratch. They use their own production equipment on site in their home town of Beechworth – the heart of Ned Kelly land.

Small batch, hands on brewing means that each bottle of Bridge Road gets the attention it deserves – a point #OurCrew go to great lengths to land.

“Others go to great lengths to put up a facade of a small hands on facility, when in reality their beer is being produced by a central brewery, who is responsible for many ‘brewery’ brands. Be sure to find out who is making the beer you purchase.” See, authentic as.

Bridge Road Brewers is located on Ford St, Beechworth, Australia.

Header image by Gears and Beers.

Monk Brewery, WA

Freo is showing the Western Australia goods with #OurCrew Monk Brewery! These foodie aficionados source local and seasonal produce for their restaurant, and produce preservative free beer in their brewery! Plus their Farmhouse cider is created with cold pressed juice from the Swan Valley.

The Monk Brewery crew enjoy the fruits of their labour, and keeping squeaky clean in Henry Bib Aprons. Who doesn’t love a coldie on a hot day (or any other day), and even better when it’s a locally produced craft brew. Cheers!

Monk Brewery is located on South Terrace, Fremantle, Australia.

Hallertau Brewery

#OurCrew Hallertau Brewery have had us all in a fluster with their genius collaboration with NZ potter Elena Renker. They’ve teamed up to craft a unique hand turned limited edition bottle for each seasonal beer. Each Hallertau bottle is hand glazed in the traditional Japanese Shino glaze technique. Beer tastes better in artisanal bottles we say!

The Hallertau crew make good use of our Barkly Bib Aprons!

Hallertau Brewery is located on Coatesville-Riverhead Hwy, Auckland, New Zealand.

Blackman’s Brewery

Beers, beach, buddies, what more could you ask for in life? #OurCrew Blackman’s Brewery live the good life and offer it to their patrons, serving up craft beers from their microbrewery in Victorias surf town, Torquay. You can even check out how the beer magic happens during their public brew days! P.s. we love seeing our Henry Bib Aprons keep the crews kit clean.

Blackman’s Brewery is located on Bell St, Torquay, Australia.