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As the Consultant & Forecaster for Yasmin Sewell Limited, Celenie Seidel makes the perfect Fashionista Foodie as she travels the world to catch the latest trends in fashion and food. We interviewed Celenie to discover her journey to becoming a globetrotting fashionista.

Tell us how you started your career in Fashion?

At the very beginning I started out with part-time retail jobs and assisting stylists during Melbourne’s fashion festivals, while at university. I studied Fashion Design and then Fashion Journalism as I was keen to eventually get into fashion publication / magazines. To date, publication isn’t actually the path I’ve taken, but I did end up working for a luxury e-commerce company owned by Condé Nast… so I guess it relates?!

You obviously have an incredible eye for style, what would be your advice for other aspiring Fashionista’s the world over?

The industry has more competition than ever on many levels, especially living in the age of ‘the influencer’, where your professional currency is no longer necessarily linked to what qualifications or experience you have. There are many people out there who may not have spent years studying or interning, but are very enterprising and working hard to make something of themselves. More than anything I feel like being a nice person, having integrity and a good sense of loyalty have a lot to answer for. Maybe that sounds obvious but I guess I believe in karma.

What do you love most about food & eating out?

Perhaps it’s a little weird but sometimes what I love even more than eating out is visiting food stores… health food stores, international food stores, supermarkets in different countries [an all-time favourite activity]. I have a few food intolerances so I love discovering new products that turn out to be ‘Celenie-friendly’, and when overseas I get a massive kick out of finding food products with super novelty packaging or bizarre contents within said packaging.

Whilst you are Australian born, you currently reside in the UK. What food trends do you see currently taking place in your London backyard?

For the longest time, the overarching food trend in Britain has been ‘British cuisine’… how original[!]. But really a lot of restaurants have favoured very meaty, starchy, heavy menus, a kind of ye olde back to British roots approach, which is really the opposite of the kind of food I gravitate towards. Over the past couple of years though, there has been a wave of Peruvian restaurants opening, and I feel like proper Mexican food is also on the rise… both of these trends I am thrilled about.

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