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Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Jones Apron

Adam Pruckner x New Jones Apron

Chef Adam Pruckner has joined us in launching our new Jones aprons. Based in our local neighbourhood of Brunswick, Adam’s speciality is Sicilian food with a touch of Melbourne. As past recipient of the ‘Best Sandwich Maker’ award, and all round great guy, we couldn’t look past Adam as the first to try out our new Jones Apron range! Adam (formerly of Code Black) is the head chef and co-owner of Small Axe Kitchen in Brunswick, a gorgeous eatery tucked behind Brunswick’s renowned Sydney Rd. The food and décor at Small Axe are inspired by the colours and flavours of Sicily with a Melbourne twist. Built into an historical 100-year-old building, the space has been designed to be spacious and open-air, yet cosy & bright in colder months of the year. Adam hosts intimate pop-up ‘family’ dinners at Small Axe every few months. With no menu, guests are invited to relax & simply enjoy a traditional Sicilian-themed feast. Pruckner’s mother and aunt often join in too, helping prepare the traditional feasts that are shared and eaten …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Great Northern

Cargo Crew ❤️ Great Northern Food

From Melbourne Australia to Grand Central Terminal New York, Cargo Crew arrived on the international stage at none other than world-renowned Nordic restauranteur Claus Meyer’s brand new 5,000 square foot eatery, Great Northern Food Hall. We were thrilled to be selected to outfit the Great Northern Food Hall crew with uniforms that compliment the venue’s abundant Nordic flavour. Famous for co-founding and co-owning Noma in Denmark, which holds two Michelin stars, as well as launching the New Nordic Cuisine movement, the Great Northern Food Hall is Claus Meyers first US venture. Set in Grand Central Terminal’s iconic Vanderbilt Hall, the Great Northern Food Hall comprises five distinct food pavilions and a bar. Each concept celebrates Nordic roots with a focus on pristine seasonal produce harvested from the New York region. “The idea behind Great Northern Food Hall has been to come up with a program that reflects where we are as well as where we come from, all the while being accessible to all, serving food with the textures and flavours we love,” explained Claus Meyer. “That …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | The Craft Brewers

Our Crew: The Craft Brewers

Bridge Road Brewers don’t feature Ned Kelly in their logo for nothing! Cargo Crew loves craft beer and these Victorian craft brewers are authentic as, preferring to create their beer from scratch. They use their own production equipment on site in their home town of Beechworth – the heart of Ned Kelly land. Small batch, hands on brewing means that each bottle of Bridge Road gets the attention it deserves – a point #OurCrew go to great lengths to land. “Others go to great lengths to put up a facade of a small hands on facility, when in reality their beer is being produced by a central brewery, who is responsible for many ‘brewery’ brands. Be sure to find out who is making the beer you purchase.” See, authentic as. Bridge Road Brewers is located on Ford St, Beechworth, Australia. Header image by Gears and Beers.

Cargo Crew Blog | Our Crew Florists

Our Crew: The Florists

The definition of temple runs something along the lines of a ‘place of worship’ A term befitting one of our very favourite Melbourne CBD florists, Flower Temple. Decked out in a Cargo Crew uniform of our Scout & Henry Aprons with Monaco Polos & Max Check shirts, the Flower Temple presents a perfectly polished look in keeping with their pristine floristry service. Like any temple worth its salt, this is a place in which to truly worship. From floristry workshops, to floral arrangements, and of course a florist shop offering a selection of beautiful blooms, arrangements and gifts, we reckon Flower Temple is doing a pretty good job of celebrating all things floral. Flower Temple is located on Artemis Lane, Melbourne, Australia.

Our Crew: The Baristas

When a microroaster reckons that drinking their #coffee might give you super powers, one has to stand up and listen, right? Especially, in our case, when their super coffees are brewed up in Cargo Crew Henry Aprons! deMelloPalheta As with many of #OurCrews from afar, deMelloPalheta are a passionate mob who simply do things differently. Named after the 17th Century Portuguese explorer Francisco de Mello Palheta, who essentially got the coffee trade started in Brazil, Kenya and Tanzania, the de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters proudly continue Francisco’s journey from their home base of Toronto. Servicing the local community from their café, and coffee lovers further afield through their online store and wholesale stream, de Mello Palheta’s super coffees rack up impressive travel miles. Apart from spreading their coffee goodness to the world, we love that their main goal is to build relationships with coffee farmers in order to work together to produce the best brews, as well as to improve the quality of life for all along the coffee chain – from seed to cup. …

The Estelle

Boasting One Hat in The Age Good Food Guide and ranked as one of Australia’s top 100 restaurants in the coveted AFR awards, Estelle offers serious dining in Melbourne’s North.