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Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Mix It Up Straps

NEW! Mix it up with more apron strap colours!

The reason our Henry, Barkly and Ace aprons are so popular, you ask? It has a lot to do with our colourful Apron Straps, which add a touch of personality to your uniform style. Now introducing the newest colours to our range – Soft Pink, Tomato Red and Navy! All in soft Herringbone fabric, our new colours offer more options and personalised looks when paired with selected Cargo Crew Aprons. Touch the rainbow Mix up your cross-back apron straps which ever way you like with our bold range of colours and patterns. Fun primary tones are covered with Yellow, and our new Tomato Red and Soft Pink and while in the neutral department the new Navy strap joins Black, Olive Green, Chocolate Brown, Tan and Cream. And for a look on the wild side, mix it up with apron straps in Leopard Print! Herringbone for the win Just like the rest of our hardworking uniform range, Cargo Crew apron straps are built to get the job done. Each strap in the collection is made up of matte faux-leather …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Neutral

The Perfect Match

Achieving a specific colour scheme for your work space doesn’t have to mean picking one colour and sticking to it. Selecting pieces in a range of tones and complimentary colours helps to make your scheme appear thought-out and well rounded. Moody Blues A colour that is classic & refined, Navy will forever remain in fashion. It evokes a feeling of loyalty & trust, and provides your wardrobe a colour accent without appearing loud or overpowering. Our Navy uniform range offers a selection of tonal pieces to build your look. Darker shades of blue create a sense of intimacy and old-world charm – ideal for that quiet tête-à-tête. This colour palette is perfect for wine bars or cafés aiming for refined and elegant atmosphere. Neutral Territory A neutral colour palette evokes clean, Scandinavian inspired design. Accents of beige and gold help to create a warm colour palette, and will peacefully brighten your work environment. Our White and Scandinavian Chic uniform collections are perfect to start your neutral colour scheme. Ever popular in twenty-first century design, neutral tones will lift the atmosphere of any …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Summer Uniforms

Celebrate Summer

☀️🍍⛱ It’s that time of year again! Summer has arrived downunder and we couldn’t be happier dreaming of beach trips, fruity cocktails and vacuum-packing the winter clothes. This time of the year calls for a uniform refresh for many industries, so pack away those heavy cold weather uniforms and kit your crew out in light fabrics and summery colours of short sleeve tops, shorts & skirts. Lightweight Fabrics Its all about breathability & movement in your clothes when it comes to surviving the warm weather at work. Choosing lightweight fabrics means you won’t be weighed down and your uniform can move around you. Our range of Henry aprons are light and fresh, both in feel and appearance, perfect for summer days. Seen here is our Henry in Bondi Blue, and to add an extra pop of summer we have switched out the straps for our ‘Mix It Up’ Cream Herringbone straps. For a similar look in a shorter apron, look no further than our Ace Bib Apron in Swedish Blue, available in early December. Summery Colours We’ve …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Workers Collection

Hard Working Denim

The Cargo Crew denim Workers Collection is all about delivering authentic design-led styles that are fit for work. The roots of the collection stem from uniforms worn by yesteryear’s working heroes, a time when sturdy work wear got the job done. The foundation of our collection is a capsule range built on authentic cuts in honest fabrics that just keep going. To do this, we’ve sourced genuine indigo denim from one of Asia’s leading denim manufacturers, trusted by the world’s benchmark denim labels. “The Workers Collection introduces a new offering to our wider range, including Aprons and a Vest unlike anything we’ve ever done.” Felicity Rodgers, Creative Director. Workers Vest The story starts with our Workers Vest, which takes inspiration from chore vests worn by farmers, craftsmen, and railway workers since the late 1800s. Durability and practicality was key for hardworking folk, and these are the chief characteristics you’ll find built into our Vest today. To add fortitude to any task, hardwearing denim provides cover from messy tasks while adding warmth in a layered uniform ensemble. …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Your Way Customisation

Uniform Customisation Your Way

Cargo Crew Your Way invites you to inject a little personality into your uniform to ensure what you wear to work is unique and represents your business, your brand, your style and YOU. We offer an end-to-end uniform creation service and you’re invited to choose from a range of customisation options from our Your Way menu options, including logo embroidery, retro-inspired embroidered patches, fun button badges, screen-printing, premium enamel pins, and monogramming. Wear uniforms Your Way! Your Way Menu The options are endless. Whether it’s a statement patch on your favourite apron or adding a little personalisation to your favourite work shirt by embroidering your name, Cargo Crew Your Way is about creating a uniform that reflects your style and brand. The Cargo Crew Your Way menu is available on orders worldwide. For more information on how you can personalise your Cargo Crew uniform visit Your Way Kiosk Do you live in or visiting Melbourne? You’re invited to visit the Cargo Crew Your Way kiosk stationed within our Brunswick East showroom. Here we have …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Trend Report

The Latest Uniform Trends

As industry disruptors Cargo Crew aim to be the first in responding to emerging uniform trends. To gain an insight into the thinking behind our current work, take a look at some of the key movements we’ve identified as being relevant to our world. From the new dress code redefining corporate Australia, to popular fashion classics like Denim that “Dominates” all the trend-setting cafés, not to forget timeless Black & White and the recurring Utilitarian, we’ve collated the latest uniform trends to make finding the right look for you and your business easy. The New Corporate Dress Code The days of needing to don a suit nine-to-five have had a thorough shake up, with an HR-approved movement to relax dress codes sweeping corporate Australia. Whilst the change of pace doesn’t signal free reign to trade trousers for jeans, it does place more choice in the hands of the individual to make dressing choices that best reflect their style and needs. Firm rules or not, modern wardrobe decisions should still be well considered. We see this topic addressed in …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Todd Chino

Pants, Shorts, Skirts? The Todd Chino Collection Offers the Works!

If you’re looking for year round head to toe style, then get the complete uniform look for your crew with our new Todd chino range. Our Todd Chino collection has grown to now include classic-cut chino shorts and skirts fit for work! Cargo Crew is all about creating effortless head to toe uniform wardrobes that look the business. That’s why we’ve created the Todd Chino Skirt and Shorts in Black and Camel! These super stylish additions are here to work with our Todd Chino Pants and are crafted from the same cotton/elastane fabric blend enhancing their comfort. They can be easily mixed and matched with our range of shirts, tees, waistcoats and knits.

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Spring Accessories

Accessorise with Cargo Crew

The Spring Racing Carnival is around the corner and with it a race to curate the best in catering and hospitality. Naturally, staff uniforms are front and centre in this stylish affair, making August the perfect time to sharpen new or existing uniform pieces with fresh accessories that echo current style notes. We’ve rounded up the best Cargo Crew accessories fit for carnival, including 5 new spring accessories. See you at the finish line! Step it up with a Customised Carnival Uniform Australia’s biggest carnival event is no time to dither in last years’ look, or scrape through with a last minute uniform pulled together from bits and pieces. Instead, make 2016 the year uniforms steal the show from fashions on the field with a tailored look brought together in consultation with Cargo Crew’s team of uniform stylists! Cargo Crew is the only uniform designer in Australia to offer a dedicated styling service. Just as we’ve done for Freedom Australia, Hoyts, and Claus Meyers’, Great Northern Food Hall in NYC, we can bring your brand to …

Maximise Max for Understated Style

Life’s way more fun with a best friend by your side. Just like best mates Max and Henry! Nothing can #MaximiseMax like one of our 7 Henry Bib Aprons paired with our dear Max Check Shirt in mens and womens. Let Henry do the talking in a range of colours, including Marine, Khaki and Pebble, while Max delivers the class in sharp details and a tailored fit. Design features The Max shirt is crafted from 100% premium cotton, and has been designed with a gentle curve hem and our Cargo Crew signature modern fit, and features a small pocket on the left chest, the perfect spot to store your pen or clip a name badge. Hospitality folk can team this shirt with any one of our designer aprons for a complete uniform look.

Mastering the art of casual corporate dressing

Master the art of casual corporate dressing with our handpicked styles. The modern uniform reinterprets what a uniform should be by offering a signature ‘uniform wardrobe’ that staff can make their own.
The modern uniform has evolved to become a suite of options, which work together to form a cohesive look.