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Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Your Way Customisation

Cargo Crew Your Way invites you to inject a little personality into your uniform to ensure what you wear to work is unique and represents your business, your brand, your style and YOU.

We offer an end-to-end uniform creation service and you’re invited to choose from a range of customisation options from our Your Way menu options, including logo embroidery, retro-inspired embroidered patches, fun button badges, screen-printing, premium enamel pins, and monogramming. Wear uniforms Your Way!

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Your Way Customisation

Your Way Menu

The options are endless. Whether it’s a statement patch on your favourite apron or adding a little personalisation to your favourite work shirt by embroidering your name, Cargo Crew Your Way is about creating a uniform that reflects your style and brand. The Cargo Crew Your Way menu is available on orders worldwide. For more information on how you can personalise your Cargo Crew uniform visit

Your Way Kiosk

Do you live in or visiting Melbourne? You’re invited to visit the Cargo Crew Your Way kiosk stationed within our Brunswick East showroom. Here we have the full offering on display, ideal for exploring all the uniform personalisation options. This is also where our embroidery work takes place, so come and have a look if you’re curious about the process.

Embroider It

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread and is an ideal way to showcase your logo on your uniform with a premium finish. Embroidery is also the perfect decoration method to add a monogram or tagline on your uniform shirt, polo tee, apron or vest.

Personalise It

Just when we didn’t think it was possible to make our range any more unique we went ahead and launched a service that lets you personalise your uniforms! Let your customers know exactly who your staff are with our monogrammed uniforms and personal name embroidery options.

Pin It

An enamel pin is a small metal pin worn on clothing, often the lapel of a jacket, or the chest area of an apron. Enamel pins can be ornamental or can indicate your affiliation with an organisation or cause — the cause being caffeine, perhaps?

Patch It

The creation of embroidered patches first began in China in the 3rd–5th century BC. Tailors would use various sewing techniques to mend, patch and alter cloths, which led to sewing decorative designs in them. Today, decorated patches can be used to make a creative statement, or honour craftsmanship and skill level.

Badge It

Badges are an easy and convenient way to add a touch of personality to your staff uniform. Our range of super fun custom button badges will become a stand out feature of your crew’s apparel, and are the perfect uniform accessory to Cargo Crew tees, shirts, aprons & tote bags.

Shop the Cargo Crew range online today, or to see our beautiful collection of designer uniforms up close visit our showroom! Speak with our friendly client care team for more information: +61 3 9411 9850,