Year: 2018

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Summer Style

Our Favourite Summer Styles

Introduce the feeling of summer to your staff and venue this season with a few of our key seasonal looks. Our summer styles will keep your crew cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Our lightweight aprons and comfortable work tops come in a range of colours and styles to suit your venue and brand so you can create a summer uniform perfect for your venue. Adelaide Our new Adelaide Apron is just the ticket for a summer apron that is both durable and lightweight. Crafted from our Fight the Fade™ fabric, it also resists fading for up to 100 washes. Feel reassured your uniform will look its best after many shifts. Stripes & Denim Stripes and denim have evolved into a contemporary fashion combo that invokes a nautical vibe to your uniform ensemble. The humble stripe is a classic pattern which has become a fashion staple and one adopted by staff for an eye-catching edge. A simple striped t-shirt is an ideal summer uniform top, and one that can be incorporated into venues from retail to …

Cargo Crew Blog | What's Your Pour

Splash of Lash by Smith & Daughters

We asked Fitzroy vegan institution Smith & Daughters “What’s Your Pour?” for Summer, Mo answered the call and provided us with a recipe for their beloved Splash Of Lash mocktail – from their new cookbook “Smith and Daughters: A Cookbook (that also happens to be vegan)” Hello Christmas Gift!🍉🍍🍹 Smith & Daughters Lash is one of our original bar staff members. Lash is definitely a refreshing addition to the human race, so we thought why not name this drink after him?! It’s perfect, and even though he still blushes anytime anyone mentions it, he knows how much we love him. This is by far our most beloved mocktail. So much so that we upgraded it to include vodka if our patrons so choose. Splash of Lash Makes 1 4 watermelon or pineapple wedges, cut into 2 cm (3/4 in) squares 2 lime wedges, cut into 4 pieces Small handful mint, plus 1 mint sprig, for garnish (optional) Ice cubes Sweet coconut water Muddle the fruit in a tall glass. Crush the mint with your hands and …