Month: March 2018

Meet Our Boston Crew

Our Boston Denim Apron has developed a fan base across the word for its effortless style & quality finish. From hair stylists to florists, bartenders to childcare workers, the Boston is loved by all as a fashion favourite that works as hard as its wearer, and as a good apron should – embraces the mess! We’ve spoken to some of the Boston’s biggest fans to find out what it is they love most about the go-to work wear for their businesses! KAITLYN FEDORKO – STYLE ALCHEMY STUDIO, TEXAS, USA Tell us about you and your business! I am Kaitlyn Fedorko, a hair stylist & business owner based in Dallas Texas. I started my business Style Alchemy Studio in 2016, which was when I found Cargo Crew & bought my Boston Apron and started covering it in hair colour. I specialise in hair colour and especially love creating vivid colour styles (space mermaid hair). I’m a total hair nerd with a background in chemistry, so I love educating my clients about the chemistry behind colour – …

Cargo Crew Blog | Cooking with Kids Feature

Cooking with Kids

Affordable entertainment these school holidays. School holiday activities seem to get bigger and more expensive every year. Involving kids in the kitchen can be a great bonding experience, with minimal spend so we’ve outlined the benefits and some tips to ensure you’re not stuck cleaning all the dishes! Curiosity in the kitchen Making the kitchen an exciting and experimental place for kids, can tap into their curiosity of how things are made. Our digital, automated lifestyle can separate kids from reality and sometimes we need to highlight that food doesn’t magically appear in the fridge. Key life skills Learning how to read a recipe, follow instructions and measure out ingredients are key life skills. (By measuring chocolate, they won’t even know they’re learning). For younger kids, learning to pour, mix and lick the bowl are all great manual dexterity builders. Make the kitchen a special place By involving kids in the kitchen and making the space feel special, it develops future respect for cooking. Kids aprons are a great way to get them excited about time …

Cargo Crew Blog | Harvest Denim Header

Denim – A Brief History

Denim remains an industry favourite for stylish and durable workwear, but it wasn’t always the fashion statement it is today. This fabric was created to withstand strenuous working environments and over the years it evolved from functional workwear to fashionable statement wear. Our denim aprons, like our RE-STYLED original Harvest Apron, are crafted from premium cotton to ensure your working garment is as fashionable as it is practical. Read our brief history of denim below to find out more about this iconic fabric. History Of Denim Denim was historically created for workers like tradespeople or miners who needed durable, long lasting fabric for their day to day tasks. Rivets and hardware detailing was used to reinforce seams and add strength to the pants for functional purposes. American tailor Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss crafted the Blue Jean in the 1870’s. They were employed to make a work pant with rivets that helped reinforce the fabric. These details made the fabric stronger for workers who were tough on their clothing. Levi Strauss supplied the fabric used and …

Cargo Crew Blog | The Modern Uniform | Smith Oxford Shirtdress Black

Just Landed! Little Black Shirtdress

A Cargo Crew favourite, the Smith Oxford Shirtdress, is now available in Black! Our crews can’t get enough of our Smith Oxford Shirtdress in Navy. This sellout style can be seen on the best dressed Retail, Beauty, and Event staff. Now you can purchase this popular style in two classic colours of Navy and Black. With the same features as the Navy dress, including a removable sash-tie creating shape through the waist, a scooped hem that’s longer in the back for that little bit of extra room and handy side pockets, the Black provides a sophisticated appearance that can be adapted into an existing uniform, or become the cornerstone of your new uniform look. Keep One Step Ahead Make choosing which shirtdress to buy easy and get both! Black and Navy. Coordinate your complete staff uniform with the Smith Oxford Shirt. Available for Men & Women in four colourways.