Month: May 2016

Our Crew: The Baristas

When a microroaster reckons that drinking their #coffee might give you super powers, one has to stand up and listen, right? Especially, in our case, when their super coffees are brewed up in Cargo Crew Henry Aprons! deMelloPalheta As with many of #OurCrews from afar, deMelloPalheta are a passionate mob who simply do things differently. Named after the 17th Century Portuguese explorer Francisco de Mello Palheta, who essentially got the coffee trade started in Brazil, Kenya and Tanzania, the de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters proudly continue Francisco’s journey from their home base of Toronto. Servicing the local community from their café, and coffee lovers further afield through their online store and wholesale stream, de Mello Palheta’s super coffees rack up impressive travel miles. Apart from spreading their coffee goodness to the world, we love that their main goal is to build relationships with coffee farmers in order to work together to produce the best brews, as well as to improve the quality of life for all along the coffee chain – from seed to cup. …

Maximise Max for Understated Style

Life’s way more fun with a best friend by your side. Just like best mates Max and Henry! Nothing can #MaximiseMax like one of our 7 Henry Bib Aprons paired with our dear Max Check Shirt in mens and womens. Let Henry do the talking in a range of colours, including Marine, Khaki and Pebble, while Max delivers the class in sharp details and a tailored fit. Design features The Max shirt is crafted from 100% premium cotton, and has been designed with a gentle curve hem and our Cargo Crew signature modern fit, and features a small pocket on the left chest, the perfect spot to store your pen or clip a name badge. Hospitality folk can team this shirt with any one of our designer aprons for a complete uniform look.

Introducing our cheeky uniform trump card, the Ace Apron!

The Ace Bib Apron is an edgy shorter length apron with designer flair. Features include reinforced seams and handy twin pockets to store work day essentials, and comes with detachable cross-back straps. And get this, the straps can be changed from our colourful ‘Mix It Up’ strap range to effortlessly customise your apron to your brand! Keep reading to see where the inspiration for the Ace was born… The story starts with you You asked for it and we listened! Your requests for a shorter length apron planted the seed for the design of the Ace. Customers were calling out for a Bib Apron that offered full coverage whilst stopping just short of the knee, and so the super sharp Ace Bib Apron came to be. Thank you for the inspiration! 💗 Not short on cheek Like every apron that graces our Apron Bar, the Ace Bib Apron is a true individual with a distinct personality and a certain take on life. Sporting a shorter hemline than its mates, the Ace takes a more playful approach to the …